Steve Madden

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21 to 40 of 198 products

21 to 40 of 198 products

Steve Madden vegan friendly handbags! Check out the amazing styles in non-leather from one of the top fashion designers around!

You know Steve Madden Shoes, bet I am willing to bet you were surpised to find out about Steve Madden non-leather handbags and purses. Well, we were too, and on our mission to find the best vegan handbags, we stumbled across them. You have to be careful when shopping Steve Madden purses and handbags because they are a mix of leather and sythetic. In fact, it gets pretty hard to tell the difference without actually reading the labels. So, although we would rather see and entirely vegan line and no leather at all, we have to support Steve Madden and recognize that there are a lot of great choices.

Make no mistake, there are a lot of really gorgeous Steve Madden handbags to choose from - we have over 40 in our synthetic and non-leather models collection and new stuff is becoming available with every new collection.