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1 to 20 of 84 products

Stella McCartney is our hero. She is responsible for creating so much awarenes and advocates for animal rights like most of us wish we could. Not only that, but her line of vegan handbags is so incredibly stunning and beautiful, that we want to mortgage our houses and buy them all! Stella McCartney by Adidas offers us a less expensive option and some great designs. While her high-end line models can cost $1000+, these are all under $300. Affordable by most people's standards and a great way to own genuine Stella McCartney bags.

Stella McCartney bags make a powerful statement about your beliefs, but they also look incredible and you should prepare your spiel so when you get asked "where did you get that amazing leather purse?", you can answer "it's not leather!" I guarantee you that you will pass your message of animal rights without sacrificing style almost as if by osmosis.

We cheated a little bit and stepped outside our comfort zone with Stella McCartney Perfume. Delicious fragrances that will stow nicely inside your Stella McCartney Bag.