Living Vegan, Loving it, and Looking Good Doing It.

Vegans are gradually clawing their way out of obscurity and into the limelight. As awareness grows and animal advocates reveal themselves more and more in the mainstream media, people are asking more questions about what the eat and wear.

It would be idealistic to think the the entire world will become vegan, and if it did, there wouldn't be enough hummus and pita to go around anyway, but an encouraging trend is developing... Vegans are becoming "cool"! All you have to do is read an interview with Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Portman (new line of vegan footwear!), or Stella McCartney and you will soon realize that these are amazing, inspirational people. The message is simple: animals deserve to not suffer for fashion or food. This amazingly simple concept has been without a voice until lately, and big companies would love to keep it that way. You will never hear NIKE or TYSON Chicken talking about animal rights. The fact is, there is only one way to change the course of things...

So, You are still reading and you want to know how?!?!?! Perhaps you feel powerless and like the decisions you make in your own life are good for you, but have no impact. This could not be further from the truth. Every dollar you spend is a vote. Every time you choose Stella McCartney Bags over GUCCI or LOUIS VUITTON, you are hurting those companies. Every time you eat sweet potatoes and salad for dinner, you are hurting TYSON CHICKEN. The truth is, these types of companies will be forced to change if their next quarter comes in below target. This is simply how corporations work. Big companies are constantly in fear of being behind the curve and will jump on any bandwagon if there's a bottom line dollar there. Case in point: just a couple years ago WALMART hired a one of the most innovative marketing firms available to explore the possibility of selling organic grass fed beef, and they are already hugely into the organic movement. Now, make no mistake, WALMART doesn't give a sh*t about organic or grass fed anything, in fact, if it was cheaper and people wanted it, they would sell orgasmic pasta fed indian chiefs.

So what does all this mean? To reiterate, your dollar is your vote and your vote matters! This is what we love our vegan clothes and accessories and we love supporting companies like MATT & NAT (pioneers of vegan apparel) that share our values and love of fashion.

And you ask, "why do vegans look so damn good these days?" Simple, There are so many great handbags, shoes, wallets, bags, and accessories made with non-leather and other synthetic materials that no one would ever need to buy leather again! Now it's easy to find designer vegan handbags that would strut down any runway in Milan or New York right next to Italian leather. In fact, some of the coolest designers out there are using synthetic materials and choosing to produce cruelty-free vegan collections.

At we love our vegan ways, and we are proud to bring our favorite non-leather and synthetic purses, handbags, wallets, totes, shoulder bags and more from our favorite designers and fashion brands. With literally hundreds of vegan bags to choose from, you are sure to find your next amazing piece right here! Choosing to live vegan feels good and spreads a positive message to others. When you choose a stunning vegan bag from Stella McCartney or Matt and Nat you are bound to turn heads, and spread your message of peace and animal rights as if by osmosis.