About Our Site

At VeganHandbagStore.com, we are committed to bringing you the best animal friendly fashions available. With so many amazing designer vegan handbags choose from these days, we can hardly think of a reason to ever buy leather again.

We have sifted through literally thousands of vegan handbags, purses, wallets, shoulder bags, messenger bags, backpacks and accessories to bring you our current collection. We are costantly updating and adding new products, so if you don't see "the one", keep checking back every day. Our inventory is in a constant state of flux as vegan designers lauch new products and clear out old ones.

Living cruelty-free is just a better way to go, we think. With so much animal suffering in the world already, why add to the midery by supporting leather in the fashion industry? No animal should have to die for a pair of shoes, a wallet or a pair of driving gloves that could have been made from another material.

Consumers have the power. YOU have the power to affect change! It's true that big companies spend millions of dollars watching the markets looking for the next trend, or movement. Big companies are terrified that you will stop buying their products and hurt their profits any given quarter. So, it is the consumer, you and I, who can speak with our minds by purchasing items that reflect our core values, and abstain from products that are unethical and poorly made.

We trult live in an excting time when vibrant and inspirational people like Stella McCartney are showing the world that being a vegan doesnt have to be all granola and complaining. Being a vegan is fashionable and cool. Being a vegan is a powerful statement and no longer a fringe movement. Our numbers are gorwing... and damn! We look good too!

We hope you find designer vegan handbags in our collection that spark your imagination and make you feel womanly and beautiful, but more importantly, empowered.